Originally born in Edinburgh MBE Eunice Olumide is an Author, Art curator and international supermodel, who has appeared in world wide campaigns, fashion weeks and editorials. She was awarded V & A Design Champion in 2018, a cultural commentator and philanthropist renowned for her conscious focus on sustainability, social justice, mobility, and organisation. Recently joining forces with Generation and McKinsey & Company as a Board Trustee and Head Ambassador to support meaningful careers and sustained well-being for every person. She is also working closely with the Scottish Parliament on several projects to promote racial equality and BME Heritage.

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Cultivate a community of like-minded organisations & individuals from a cross section of industries to drive positive change in Afro-Caribbean communities.

How we're


We believe in the importance of openness in order to prove our commitment to our mission. As part of this the ADBSF publishes quarterly financial statements made available in the public domain. To show the impact on the ground level investors also have direct access and regular updates on how funds are allocated.

Afro-Caribbean focussed

The ADBSF has pledged to predominantly support the African Diaspora.


Contributors create meaningful relationships with recipients that serve as the foundation for a fund that outlives its founders.


Contributors are accredited and their impact is documented.

Public Relations

Extensive PR is built around donor recipient relations, including visits to business sites and meet & greets. The ADBSF also hosts annual Galas and networking events for contributors and high profile individuals.


The ADBSF is setting up in the heart of the Afro-Caribbean community of Brixton, with good transport links to Central London. This provides familiarity & comfortability to potential applicants, whilst keeping in close proximity to the business hub of Europe.